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The Fall of Therenia Digipak and New T-Shirts

oktober 4th, 2014

So now our new album «The Fall of Therenia» is officially out on cd! It is a digipak release with a 16 page booklet. Tobias Roetsch did the artwork, and it is awesome!

We also have two new t-shirts. One simple design of the planet Therenia in silhouette. And a more complex green/blue-ish artwork by the amazing Kisaw, that fits into the story of the album.

Aspherium Kisaw t-shirt

Aspherium Kisaw t-shirt

The Fall of Therenia T-shirt

The Fall of Therenia T-shirt

Now we are waiting for the vinyl version which will hopefully be ready in a couple months. It will be a two LP release. 180 grams. And a separate mix and master specifically for the vinyl version for optimal auditory pleasure. Prepare your earholes!


Currently booking gigs. If you want to book us, hit us up at



Aspherium Release Party in Oslo!

september 30th, 2014

Friday October 3rd! That is when «The Fall of Therenia» will finally be released on CD!

We’re having a release party in Oslo at The Crossroad club. Check out the event on facebook here.

And buy tickets here

For those that have pre-ordered, we will be sending out cd’s very soon!

The Fall of Therenia Out Digitally

september 17th, 2014

You can finally get our new album «The Fall of Therenia» digitally!

To support the band, the best way to go digital is through cdbaby.

You can also pre-order the cd version here.

Some footage from recording and rehearsals. And some clips from the songs:


More gigs, including release party will be announced soon. As well as details on the eventual vinyl version.

The Fall of Therenia

august 31st, 2014
Cover artwork by Tobias Roetsch.

Cover artwork by Tobias Roetsch.

This Friday September 5th our new album «The Fall of Therenia» will be released digitally. It will be available everywhere you get your digital music. iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Wimp etc.

You can preorder the digital release at iTunes now and check out some previews of the songs:

For those waiting for the physical release, we will have pre-orders up for CD Digipak very soon! We have some sweet sci-fi artwork by Tobias Roetsch (, so the physical version is the one to go for!

Can’t wait for you guys to hear this new stuff!






april 26th, 2014

This summer we will focus on getting our new album ready for release. The plan is to release it sometime this autumn.

There’s lots of work to be done, to get everything right. But you can expect it to be awesome when it’s done!

We will do a couple festival gigs in august, and then a mini release tour in Norway for the new album. Then we’ll hopefully do lots of shows over the winter months.

A new video from the making of the new album will also come sometime this summer.

Next gig

mars 22nd, 2014

We will play in Kristiandsand, Norway Friday March 28.

We had a great show when we where there last year with Satyricon. This time we are headlining.

Come check out an awesome show with new Aspherium songs from the next album!

Facebook event


februar 26th, 2014

We would like to thank everyone that came out to the shows on the Decapitated tour. We had an awesome time!

A couple people uploaded videos from Oslo and Trondheim, check it out. We have some footage ourselves, and will upload something if the soundquality is up to par.



Tour with Decapitated and Blood Red Throne

september 25th, 2013

Another cool gig announcement! Mini tour in Norway with Decapitated and Blood Red Throne in January!



The gigs with Satyricon and Sphere were awesome, thanks to everyone that came out to those shows!


Aspherium at John Dee

Some cool support gigs

september 10th, 2013

We have two cool support gigs next week. The first one is support for the band Sphere at their release party at John Dee in Oslo, Thursday 19th. The second one is even cooler, we are support for the mighty Satyricon at Kick in Kristiansand on Friday 20th!

We’ll see you there!



Summer Update

juli 28th, 2013

Marius here with an update on what’s going on and what we’ve been doing lately.

All four of us in Aspherium had a great time on the Norwegian Invasion european tour with Blood Red Throne, Wyruz, Inquested and Grinding Fortune,it was a lot of fun, met a lot of cool people and played some awesome shows. We are working on booking some shows for autumn and winter.

Besides vacations and whatnot, we’ve been rehearsing the songs from the new album to get them nice and tight for the live shows.  We played one new song on the Norwegian Invasion tour, but we’re planning to play all of them when the new album is released.

Artwork for the new album is being worked on right now, and it’s turning out epic awesome! We’re currently in talks with some labels, so we will hopefully have some info about the release date for the album eventually. But it will take some time before everything’s ready to go on the business side. The album itself is done, mixed and mastered by the brilliant Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios.

Here’s some pictures from the tour, enjoy!










Aspherium - Tourbus - Daniel, Brad Prick, Kim